Executive Board

Eszter Szabo
Founder and first President of Women/Business/Angels (2017). She has 15+ years experience of Corporate Communications, PA & GR at regional executive level in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) with GE (1996-2015) and with the government. An Honorary Professor at Budapest Business School, the leading business school of Hungary. Since 2016 a member of Krynica Economic Forum’s Program Council (Poland) and co-chair of the Hungarian Female Leadership Roundtable. She is positive about Central Europe’s future as an emerging innovation hub in the digital era for the world if stakeholders co-created it (#CEEforInnovationHub). A businesswoman w/ a heart in today’s digital era.
Twitter @eszterforcee;
LinkedIn https://goo.gl/hPdppL


Beáta Pápai

Women/Business/Angels Vice President (2019 May-) supporting growth and events.
She is a PR and CSR professional, initiator of local and global entrepreneurship programs, creator of
policy design plans. Her strength is to understand different fields/sectors, find their contact points and
reach their common understanding. Her mission is to develop a sustainable entrepreneurial culture
where women also play a role.
Behind the concept of Dobbantó (Global GE CSR Women Entrepreneurship Program in Hungary), CEE
Women Startup Competition, H13 Startup Incubation Program in the heart of Budapest etc.

Agnes Puskas
Women/Business/Angels founding member. Economist. Specialised on enterprise development, trade promotion and international project management with extensive 15+ years’ experience in international business. Currently participating in international projects and network building as Chair of Business and Professional Women’s Association Budapest and Co-chair of Women/Business/Angels Association (2017 September – 2019 May). Strong management experience and multiple-country management skills. Served as director of the Hungarian coordinator of Enterprise Europe Network (year 2014-2017).


Klára Landwehr
Women/Business/Angels founding member and responsible for coordination with German speaking countries. Real estate expert, investor. Specialist in tourism and communication; had a programme of my own on Munich RTL Live Channel for a period during my 35 years’ stay in Germany. I have a great experience in business community building as I organized a Budapest Multicultural Cluster and Foundation for the Capital’s Cultural Centre back in Budapest. I am also an active member of the Business and Professional Women Association – present in 95 countries for more than 80 years – where I am responsible for the international relationship with Danube Region Strategy (http://www.bpw-danubenet.org/ ) Strong management and multicultural skills.

Imre Hild
Women/Business/Angels unique training program’s professional support from 2017. MD of Global Traction, 2x Entrepreneur, Startup Evangelist, Mentor and advisor to 8 startups, co-owner of 6 startups


Sophie Michelin
Membership Growth responsible of Women/Business/Angels (2019)

She started her career as Business Controller, Economist for Hungarian SMEs. Then built and sold her own companies in the area of publishing and event coordination. Today she is runs her own Startup Lab in Nutrition HealthTech and supports her husband in their family office with portfolio of 20+ early stage & startup companies. Due to her NGO activities, her expertise lies on fast growing and managing membership based organisations. https://www.linkedin.com/in/sophie-michelin/

Ambassador Viktória Horváth

Andrea Dintsér
Strategic outreach leader of Women/Business/Angels (2017)

She has 20+ years experience of Marketing, Corporate Communications and Knowledge Management as an executive leader at country, CEE and EMA levels with PwC and KPMG (1995-2017). Founder and CEO of YourStory.hu. A passionate believer of the innovative and blitz scaling startup world, and all sorts of well-designed and well-targeted communication. One of the mentors of an educational program that lead GenZ through the process of design thinking, lean idea/product development, rapid prototyping, market validation, business model canvas preparation, outlining the communication strategy, and pitch practice. Trainer team member for the startups participating in Microsoft Imagine Cup. Provides consultancy before investor pitches to startup companies to enter the market and help them grow. In  2018 she has joined the mentor team of Design Terminal.

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/andrea-dintser-90b83b4