WBA Club: The Lifecycle of start-ups


Our second Club event was held on 13th April in the framework of the WBA Spring Semester 2021!

The event was hosted by Barbara Verő, and as welcoming notes, Eszter Szabó, the President of WBA highlighted some key elements of the Training and Club event series.

Highlights of the event:

  • Imre Hild introduced our speakers of the day: first, Kristóf Bárdos, co-founder of Green Fox Academy shared his experiences with start-ups, angels and investments. He pointed out that the most important for start-up founders is to really and deeply understand the problem they are trying to solve. Kristóf also helped us to better understand investor dynamics: for example VCs, contrary to the common misbelief, are happy to see an angel investor on board, and are not interested in buying out the angel. Rather, working together, building on the angels’ expertise and network, the chances of success multiply.
  • Our second speaker was Emese Pancsa, co-founder of Compocity. Emese explained that expertise should be the most important when you are building a start-up’s team. She also compared the relationship of the start-up and the investor to a marriage in terms of commitment.
  • The third speaker of the evening was Andrew Hartványi from the start-up Stokes that offers a smart, AI-based recommendation solution for websites and their customers.

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If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact:

  1. Barbara Verő (vero.barbara@futureproofconsulting.eu, +36205565058)
  2. Eszter Szabó (eszter.szabo@eszterforcee.com)