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Women Business Angels - 11th Business Angel Investor Training
Topic: The blockchain revolution
Time: 5 November 2018, 18.00 – 21.00 hours
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Krynica Economic Forum and Women/Business/Angels Association have become official partners from 2018

First anniversary of the Women Business Angels

Women / Business / Angels

Women / Business / Angels

To engage more women in the innovation decision making
together with men in Central and Eastern Europe



How to become a business angel?

Business angel investors share their own capital, their own network and their own knowledge with someone else, an entrereneur, who has a promising business idea. The space where angel investors and entrepreneurs meet and work together is a very interesting one and most of us do not know too much about it. The events of Business/Women/Angels and coalition partners organise together invite a wider audience, both women and men, to gain experience, learn about new opportunities and new ways to make the region’s economy stronger while having a return on investment for each person.

How to become a business angel?

What women need to become business angels and entrepreneurs?

Outcome of the first World Café: women need more knowledge and network.
This is why our organisation launched events, workshops, pilot angel trainings and international network building.


European recognition

„I hope the Hungarian Women/Business/Angels initiative which connects four co-working offices and several female business networks as partners for impact, will develop into an innovative model that can be translated to the entire CEE region and even to the whole of Europe. I am happy to support and help to develop this model.“

Candace Johnson President of the Association of European Business Angels (EBAN)

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What Women / Business / Angels brings to You and the CEE economic region?

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Contributors so far

Coalition partners

Along the theme of involving more women in the innovation decision making we link co-working offices and women business networks.
The coalition is open for constructive, non-political, non-religious organisations in CEE.
We broaden and strengthen and the rapidly developing innovation ecosystem of the region through connections.

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