BPW Follo

Lead by: Anna Valhorsen, president

Follonettverk was established in 1995 and was Norway’s first professional network for female entrepreneurs. On November 2012, the network, as the only one in Norway was accepted as a member of Business and Professional Women International, an international network of female entrepreneurs and professional business women.

For that reason, Follo network changed its name to BPW Follo.

BPW Follo works on:

  • Promotion of female entrepreneurs and leaders
  • Generation of more busiess for the members
  • Provide for cooperation and experience sharing
  • Motivate young women to become tomorrow’s entrepreneurs and leaders
  • Provide a mentoring program

BPW Follo has monthly membership meetings with different themes around building your business and your network. It has established a strong relationship with BPW Lithuania. BPW International was established in Geneva in 1930 by Lena Madesin Phillips and currently exists in 95 countries including Sweden, Finland and Norway.

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