Business and Professional Women Budapest Association

The BPW Budapest Association was founded in 2005, as one of the largest international women organization’s, BPW International’s ( first member in Hungary. BPW International has representation right at the United Nations and the United Nations EU.

The main purpose of the organization – and thus of our association, too – is to assist women in business and professional accomplishment. Our club-based meetings provide personal support and an opportunity to share best practices. According to international guidelines we take the “Equal Pay for Equal Work” Day each year.

In 2006, the BPW Danube Net ( was established, which is a regional cooperation within the international organization of the Danube countries (Germany, Austria, Hungary, Croatia, Bulgaria, Romania, Moldova, Serbia, Slovakia). The goal is professional transfer of experience, intercultural cooperation, sharing of know-how between clubs. The BPW Danube Net is the only female co-operation covering the Danube Strategy countries, and is a member of the EUSDR PA8 Business Competitiveness Group.

We also established a twin club relationship with BPW Stuttgart in 2016 and we ran a successful workshop where we set the specific objective of helping women over 50+ to work / become entrepreneurs and establish an international business platform as a project within the framework of the LEADER program.