1st Ecosystem Connect Meetup Series

“Where are you, Sleeping Beauty?”
Where can we find the innovation ecosystem today in Hungary?

Bullshit-free, instructive lessons with the builders of the economy of the future

Organized by Global Traction, Imre Hild, Lead Trainer of Women / Business / Angels Association

“The startup ecosystem is like the Grimm Brothers’ fairytale Sleeping Beauty” – keeps the cynical saying, that is, many talk about it, but few have seen it. Everyone is blowing their own – there are those who have an idea and want to implement it; there are some who has capital and want to invest; and some have the knowledge and experience on how to successfully launch a startup; and there are also actors who see it as an important component of the economy.
But how do they find each other and how can each actor in the innovation ecosystem work together effectively? Can Hungarian actors catch up with successful models in the world?

Our seven-event series aims to open a window on the world’s great ecosystems and allow their leaders to present first-hand, frost-free and bullshit-free best practices, collaborative frameworks, ideas, trends that dominate the world’s leading startup cities today.

Our goal is to help the various Hungarian ecosystem actors to get to know and master the various cooperation opportunities that can contribute to the construction of the Hungarian ecosystem, and to provide a basis for the development of dialogue. The six events will focus on different and typical roles in the ecosystem.

The meetup series will be complemented by additional meetings in the traditional meetup format, the topics of which will be tailored to the preferences of those interested. These, individually and as a whole, represent a unique and useful body of knowledge regarding the innovation ecosystem that you have not been able to find on the Hungarian market so far.

The language of the events will be Hungarian, for the sake of easier comprehension – foreign video interviews will be labeled.

What will it be about?

  • We present the main roles and operation of international innovation ecosystems.
  • We bring examples to follow from the world’s leading ecosystems to ecosystem collaborations.
  • We thoroughly examine the domestic situation and the motivations of the actors.
  • And of course the different ecosystem actors can interact in a free organization – startups, investors, mentors, incubators, accelerators, public actors, consultants, etc.

Who is the meetup series for?

  • Those who want to get to know and understand the real content of the concept of “startup ecosystem” used worldwide, the actors and the cooperation between the actors. All you need to participate is interest, no qualifications are a prerequisite.
  • For brainstorming people who want to implement their startup business or are stuck in it and want to meet potential partners and supporters at this event.
  • For investors, business angels who want to find ways to successfully become catalysts for the innovation ecosystem.
  • For professional mentors, mentor candidates who already have experience and want to share their knowledge and relationships with beginners.

A little teaser:

“The goal of the event is to open a window, so to speak, to the world’s great ecosystems and see how things work there.”

Head of the meetup series:

Hild Imre Imre Hild

He is a founding member of our organization. He has been the professional leader of the WBA Association’s unique business angel training in Hungary since 2017. He is the managing director of Global Traction, the founder of two companies, the mentor of 8 startups and the co-owner of 6 companies.


Scheduled meetup dates*:

2021. October 26. 18:00-21:00
Topic: Startup ecosystems – what to learn from the big | Details here >>

2021. November 30. 18:00-21:00
Topic: The startups – working strategies | Details here >>

2022. January 25. 18:00-21:00
Topic: Financing – investors and angels | Details here >>

Other occasions:

2022. 1st quarter
Large corporations and multis in the ecosystem – what’s the perfect encounter?
Accelerators, incubators, co-working offices – advantages and misunderstandings

2022. 2nd quarter
Universities in the international innovation ecosystem – ecospheres in the ecosystem
The role of the government in building the ecosystem

*We reserve the right to change the program!


1061 Budapest, Király u. 26.

Conditions of participation:

Participation is free, but pre-registration is required. You can register for the series of events through Meetup.com:

Register here >>

The events are held in Hungarian, but we also invite speakers in English.

Organized by: Global Traction

The venue is provided by HubHub.