WBA Club: The Investment Process


The 3rd Club event of the WBA 2021 Spring Semester was held on 11 May from 6PM CET with the business angel investment process in focus, through three different entrepreneurial case studies.

We invited Webshippy and Bindr, and we also introduced a newcomer start-up company.

Highlights of the event:

  • After Barbara Verő, WBA Club Director opened the scene, Eszter Szabó, WBA’s President welcomed the participants.
  • The first company introduced was Webshippy, whose co-founder Imre Hild told us the story of the company. The most important lessons from the case highlighted the difference between institutional and professional investors, and raised a good question on smart choices in terms of going with domestic and /or international investors.
  • Márton Kosdi-Kovács from Bindr came as our second speaker. He recounted the story of the special app designed to help students learn from each other, to overcome procrastination and alienation (that hit hard on student communities in the times of the pandemic). Márton emphasized that the most important task for a startupper is to work with the product itself, talk to the users, keep on developing. If the product is good and appreciated by the users, the investors will come.
  • The third case was pitched by Péter Ványik, founder of QA Auto, aiming at solving a long-term problem of information asymmetry on the market of used cars. In this brilliant network designed for buyers, sellers and car repair shops everyone wins if they cooperate clean and transparent.

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If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact:

  1. Barbara Verő (vero.barbara@futureproofconsulting.eu, +36205565058)
  2. Eszter Szabó (eszter.szabo@eszterforcee.com)