WBA Training: What Makes a Company Valuable?


Women/Business/Angels Association held its 4th training in its 2021 Spring Semester series on 25 May, from 6PM CET. The training was a comprehensive walk-through on start-up and company evaluation, presenting the topic from every possible angle.

After Imre Hild, resident trainer of WBA opened the event and Eszter Szabó, president of WBA welcomed the participants, two special speakers were on board for the evening.

First, Emilia Mamajova shared her experiences. She is Founding Partner of ESPIRA Investments, a private equity firm targeting growth capital investments in Central-Europe-based SMEs with a special attention to gender balance. She talked about all the relevant financial and managerial factors to overview before making investments. Emilia highlighted that sustainability is the key in financial, marketing and management terms as well. The most important human factors are the integrity of the management and the trust relation between management and investors: to avoid micromanagement and too close monitoring.

Péter Kádas, the well-known Hungarian entrepreneur, investor and blogger talked about the case of early-stage startups, where traditional metrics are less relevant. According to Peter, “it does not matter how much of the company you’ll own -don’t be greedy!” – but to choose the right startups and to act swiftly are crucial. Make your decision and due diligence in 30 days – and be ready to move on! After all, only 10% of the exists make the 85% of the profits and not even all companies make the exit. Furthermore, keep some of your budget aside for follow-on investments – also called “doubling down”.

The training was closed by a short Q&A session and an invitation to our next event – the 4th Club on 8 June from 6PM CET.

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If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact:

  1. Barbara Verő (vero.barbara@futureproofconsulting.eu, +36205565058)
  2. Eszter Szabó (eszter.szabo@eszterforcee.com)