10th Angel Investor Training: Business networks for innovation – designing the economic future

Nine angel investor training and nearly fifty international conference, gathering and business meeting and growing membership: the Women/Business/Angels Association celebrated its first anniversary in September 2018.

As the next strategic step, we organized a roundtable discussion focusing on „Business networks for innovation – designing the economic future” and invited key experts and business networks from Hungary. Peter Szalay, COO, IBM Hungary, member of our Advisory Board was kind and hosted the event. During the conversation we discussed the role of the business networks in strengthening the innovation ecosystem, their influence and connections. The outcome of the roundtable discussion was shared with the wider audience in the second half of the evening.

After the first part, the 10th pragmatic business angel investor training followed that was opened for all who had not joined the Association yet. This way they had the opportunity to gain experience about how unique these training sessions are, and enter into the Association, become a member.

This time Peter Tanczos, Director, Euroventures was our guest speaker. He talked about EPAM and Tresorit, why the investors saw the opportunity in them, and predicted their global success. Also, he explained why Euroventures had been working together with angel investors for a long time. He replied to all of these questions and many others coming from the audience with the moderation of Imre Hild, Partner, Global Traction.