Project Promoter: Kultunio Foundation

Kultunio Foundation focuses on environment protection, energy saving, fair competition and most recently on increasing the number of female entrepreneurs and investors.

In order to examine the international best practices and facilitate collaboration among local stakeholders the Organization developed fruitful cooperation with the German speaking community of Budapest.

The Foundation’s long term allies include the Hungarian German and Austrian Chamber of Commerce, and several relevant Hungarian agencies, the Central Tourism Promotion Agency, Enterprise Europe Network and Business Professional Women Association in Hungary and Internationally.

Kultunio Foundation was originally established in 2011 with the aim to the contribute recreation of the historical architectural heritage of Budapest. As this task in reality has several aspects, the Foundation decided to apply a holistic approach to engage the relevant stakeholders of the economic, cultural, gastronomic, etc. actors of Budapest. The focus has been shifted to engaging with international actors a couple of years after its foundation.