Engaging women in expanding innovation capacity in Hungary and Central and Eastern Europe (CEE)

„I hope the Hungarian Women/Business/Angels initiative which connects four co-working offices and several female business networks as partners for impact, will develop into an innovative model that can be translated to the entire CEE region and even to the whole of Europe. I am happy to support and help to develop this model.“

stated Candace Johnson, President of the Association of European Business Angels (EBAN, 2017)

Are you interested in supporting innovation locally? Would you like to see more competitive, innovative, and fast-growing companies operating in Hungary and in Central and Eastern Europe? Do you consider it important for decision-making on innovative companies to be made by women and men? All these goals are facilitated, supported, and promoted by our association.
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About Us
Founded in 2017, the Women/Business/Angels Association aims to fill a missing element in the innovation ecosystem in Hungary and Central and Eastern Europe by providing information on angel investing to prospective investors. We support women in the journey of becoming an angel investor or founder of a competitive company in today’s digital era. We are developing a new approach to how women and men, together, can build an inclusive culture in the local innovation ecosystem.

Coeducational Angel Investment Training
We organize training locally and internationally to educate future angel investors—both women and men—through real-life examples and with experienced angel investors. We share proven business knowledge and experience. We give interested people an insight into the complex cooperation of investors and innovative and competitive companies. Having piloted an angel investor training program in 2017-2019, we have recently launched our first international Business Angel Training Course and membership-only WBA Angels Club. Programming for our first Spring 2021 cohort will run from March to June 2021.

Mentoring and Networking
By building and sharing social and knowledge capital we unfold new business opportunities and make them accessible for both angel investors and entrepreneurs. Angel investors contribute to the development of innovative companies by sharing their own funds, experience, knowledge, and social capital.

Methodical Center
The Women/Business/Angels Association acts as a center for knowledge and methodologies at both the local and international level. The Association strengthens the culture of cooperation to enhance the competitiveness of the companies and the countries in which they operate.

Region Creation
Along with the theme of engaging more women in the innovation decision-making process, we link co-working offices and women business networks on the local and international markets. Our goal is to broaden and strengthen the region’s rapidly developing innovation ecosystem by connecting stakeholders.

As a promoter of angeldom in CEE as an emerging innovation hub, we support the goals of EBAN, CEEBAN, NORBAN, HUNBAN associations, as well as connect with other players of the innovation ecosystem. Together with our partners—coworking offices, women business networks, and chambers of commerce and industry—we work on methodologies that empower female participation in innovation in a region where capital accumulation for supporting innovation is lacking and where a market economy has been operating only since 1990.

Employer Branding
Women’s participation in business decision making is in the spotlight in developed economies. With our support, companies and their leadership can participate in changing the social and economic behavioral patterns in the CEE.

Engage With Us

Women/Business/Angels Association is a non-profit, non-political professional organization supporting female participation in innovation decision-making in the CEE. Our Association promotes and enables women and men to become angel investors and/or internationally competitive entrepreneurs. In Hungary, women’s participation in these areas is still insignificant. Angel investment entails not only providing financial resources, but also sharing knowledge, experience, and social capital. As a result, we think women’s involvement in larger numbers and in new forms will bring economic benefit to all. We work on promotion, training, network building, mentoring, cultural change, creation of a #CEEforInnovationHub by engaging change makers, like you and the organization you represent. Reach out to WBA using our Contact Us page or directly emailing womenbusinessangels@gmail.com.

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