Executive Board

Eszter Szabo

Founder and first President of Women/Business/Angels (2017). She has 15+ years experience of Corporate Communications, PA & GR at regional executive level in Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) with GE (1996-2015) and with the government. An Honorary Professor at Budapest Business School, the leading business school of Hungary. Since 2016 a member of Krynica Economic Forum’s Program Council (Poland) and co-chair of the Hungarian Female Leadership Roundtable. She is positive about Central Europe’s future as an emerging innovation hub in the digital era for the world if stakeholders co-created it (#CEEforInnovationHub). A businesswoman with a heart in today’s digital era.
Twitter @eszterforcee;
LinkedIn https://goo.gl/hPdppL


Attila Petróczi

Attila Petróczi was elected as the VP of Women/Business/Angels in October 2019. Attila has been one of the first members of Woman/Business/Angels Association, and since 2017 has actively participates in operations and event organizations as well. Currently he is the General Manager of the Budapest office of WorldQuant Predictive. The company’s mission is to solve the most challenging prediction problems in the world. Prior to it he worked for various startups as an analyst, data scientist, and R&D manager in different industries. Attila has a strong theoretical background in Statistics, AI, and ML as well as is experienced in how to translate business problems to analytical tasks. He is also a pioneer in building scientific communities around Data in Hungary as an organizer of meetups and CRUNCH Data Conferences. LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/attilapetroczi/

Imre Hild

Women/Business/Angels unique training program’s professional support from 2017. MD of Global Traction, 2x Entrepreneur, Startup Evangelist, Mentor and advisor to 8 startups, co-owner of 6 startups


Barbara Verő

Board member of WBA since April 2020.

20+ years leadership experience, 8+ years executive leadership experience in HR and organisation development. She built her career at Nestlé between 2001 and 2019. Co-founder and CEO of Future Proof Consuting since 2020. Founder of the 40+ senior career club. Teacher at the Metropolitan University in Strategic HR management. 20+ startups mentored. Angel investor in 5 start ups.

She believes in the economic power of the fast developing start up world, and futhermore in the system and ecosystem based solutions. She also believes, that investments should be based on talent – everything else is only a question of time.

Renata Anna Jaksa

Renata Anna Jaksa is an analyst and the director of ICEG European Center. Her fields of interest include different aspects of socio-economic development, SMEs and start-ups, R&D and innovation, ICTs and Industry 4.0. She managed projects for various DGs of the European Commission and worked on projects for the UN, other international organisations and domestic clients.