WBA Club | The Lifecycle of start-ups with Greenfox Academy and Compocity
13 April 2021, 18.00 – 20.00

The Club event will be focusing on the Lifecycle of start-ups through a practical approach, where you can even test yourself as an angel investor. WBA Club participants will exchange experience and views with Kristóf Bárdos who is best known as co-founder of Green Fox Academy and Emese Pancsa, the Co-founder and CEO of Compocity.

Kristóf also has his fingerprints over many more creative and innovative start-ups and initiatives targeting education, social innovation and technology-driven services.

Kristóf defines himself as a “socially sensitive tech entrepreneur” and has relevant experiences from all those fields.

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WBA Training | The Investment Process with Erik Bovee & Levente Zsembery
27 April 2021, 18.00 – 20.00

Join us to the 3rd training event of WBA Business Angel Training Course on 27th April at 6 pm: The Investment Process with Erik Bovee and Levente Zsembery.

Guest experts:

Erik Bovee
Erik Bovee is one of the most experienced early-stage investors active in the Central-Eastern European region, founder and partner of SpeedInvest, interested in technology-oriented startups of CEE.

Levente Zsembery
Levente Zsembery is the Chairman of the Hungarian Venture Capital and Private Equity Association, a key actor in the Hungarian VC scene, having a wide-spectrum background from investment banking to development of the Hungarian student loan system. He is also a lecturer at the Corvinus University.

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