Who Will Make Hungary Future-proof in Today’s Global TECHtonic Shifts?

Executive Salon
at Budapest Chamber of Commerce, Budapest, January 30, 2018

Partners: Budapest Chamber of Commerce, the Women/Business/Angels, the SingularityU Hungary and Sparks Institute@IBS as partners
Participants: 95 with 40% women

The third ‘Global Leaders on CEE stage’ Executive Salon was organised by the Budapest Chamber of Commerce, the Women/Business/Angels Association, the SingularityU Hungary and Sparks Institute@IBS as partners. The latter three partners were led by women executives – strong believers of Hungary’s economic potential if we build a stronger ‘can do attitude’. The evening covered future scenarios & bold choices for governance and corporate leadership with a focus on who and how can improve Hungary’s innovation and digital capabilities. The keynote speaker was Zoltán Cséfalvay, Hungary’s Ambassador to the OECD who shared his three-years of experiences with the world’s leading professional think-tank and multilateral standard-setter of the global economy in his latest book – TECHtonic Shifts – that has recently been published in English by Kairosz Publishing House.

The game changer hardcover on tectonic global economic transformations walks laymen decision makers through all aspects of inevitable challenges driven by technology and business model revolution in the digital era. It summarises transformations all countries have to face if they want their citizens to become winners of the future. The list of policy alternatives to address changes for countries and regions is very handy.

“The OECD considers the digital transformation as the main driving factor of the global competitiveness of its members and has recently set up a horizontal project, called ‘Going Digital’. With this book, I wanted to support decision makers to understand and manage their country, region and company position, and to contribute to the intellectual debate on how to become leaders of changes, not losers. At OECD meetings, I usually have only three minutes to discuss, now I have 400 pages instead” – said Dr. Zoltán Cséfalvay.

The salon was opened by Zoltán Szép, Secretary General of BKIK. The moderator of the business panel was Imre Hild, Managing Partner at Global Traction. The panlists were Marian Gazdik, Managing Partner at IPM LLP, Zsigmond Bodnár, Founder of TechTeamer Inc, Péter Küllői, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist, Rita Veres, Chapter Lead, SingularityU Hungary, Nick Zimmerman, Chief Operating Officer at SAP Labs Hungary.

Video about the event is available here: