What is the Way to Become Business Angels for Women and Men?

Second Workshop – at Kaptár, Budapest on November 28, 2017

Participants: 80 with 15% men

The second workshop by the WOMEN/BUSINESS/ANGELS association and its coalition partners was held with 80 participants (full house!) in the Kaptár Community Office in Budapest. The series of workshops is designed to encourage women to want and be able to be involved in an increasing number in innovation-related business decision making. Hungary’s competitiveness and growth potential could be greatly improved by widening the pool of female entrepreneurs and angel investors. Women and men angels want to work together with men. The collective take-away from the first workshop (w/ 20% men) was that the number of business angels can be increased through network and training. With that in mind, the second workshop provided an insight into two life strategies: how you can build your own innovative financial business, and how you can create companies in Hungary while pursuing your career at a global enterprise. The showcased examples. A networking session.

Speakers: Dr Eszter Varga, General Manager of Pannonhitel Zrt., Kristóf Baltay Managing Partner of Develor. The workshop also introduced two members of the Coalition, namely Beatrix Bedő, co-founder of ImpactHub, and Zsófia Barcsik, President of Business Women Network. The building of global connections was ensured by three presenters: Selma Prodanovic, the driving force behind RisingTide of EBAN via skype, Dita Přikrylová, founding general manager of Czeckitas (the Czech Republic), and Kathrina Ramberg, First Secretary/Deputy Head of Mission at the Royal Embassy of Norway in Budapest.