NHO – The Female Future Program

Lead by: Kari Minge, Head of the programme 

NHO (Norwegian Employers’ Confederation) “is the main representative organisation for Norwegian employers with companies ranging from small family-owned businesses to multi-national companies” with about 600000 people employed in them.

It has been addressing the low proportion of woman in the private sector in several ways: through a leadership development program for women ( Female Future) but also through dialogue with company members on how to recruit and retain more women in the private sector. Female is a leadership and boardroom competence development program for the enterprise’s own talent. Female Future is the NHOs effort to recruit more women to senior executive positions and to the boardroom. It is the enterprises that nominate their talents to the program.

Female Future is financed by the NHO, Innovation Norway and by participant fee.  The program emphasis is on the leadership development, boardroom competence,   rhetoric, network building, personal growth and facilitating greater visibility.