SEED Foundation 

The Foundation’s mission is to promote the sustainable economy and equal opportunities by developing an ethical, conscious and effective entrepreneurial attitude.

The Foundation for Small Enterprise Economic Development (SEED) was founded in 1990 by entrepreneurial representative groups, higher education institutions, financial institutions and ministries.

According to the objectives of the founders, the organisation started its operation aiming to broaden the knowledge base of entrepreneurs and to develop a sound entrepreneurial culture and environment in Hungary. Due to its activity SEED has gained a so called public status in 1998. Depending on our clients’ needs – besides enterprise development – part of our work is to strengthen the NGO sector and support civil organisations.

In 2003 the former Ministry of Employment Policy and Labour acknowledged the outstanding efforts of the Foundation performed in the field of equal opportunities, and in the same year we became an accredited adult education centre. Our quality environmental management system has MSZ EN ISO 9001:2009, and MSZ EN ISO 14001:2005 international certificate for the activities of adult education, consulting, research and event organisation.

Core activities of the Foundation:

  • Entrepreneurial knowledge and skills training programmes, accredited training programs
  • International knowledge transfer and sharing
  • One-to-one advice, professional services provided on an ad hoc or project basis.
  • Organization of professional events and other networking opportunities
  • Research and expertise in order to build the basis of activities of entrepreneurship development.

Key target groups of the Foundation:

  • Women entrepreneurs
  • Young entrepreneurs
  • Family businesses
  • Social enterprises
  • Business support organizations

SEED foundation is a small methodological development centre, the activity of which comprises long term, successive development projects supported by Hungary and the EU.