Women/Business/Angels Association 

The innovator among the partners of Kultunio in HU01-0032-PIERO-A1-2017 project.

It is Women/Business/Angels’ strong belief that having more women collaborating with men would contribute more to building a stronger, globally competitive, innovative part of the Hungarian and CEE economies beyond 2020.   In five years’ time our young association (founded August 2017) aims to become the leading think tank and platform in CEE on how to engage and activate women in the innovation decision making in a post communist region where the history of market economy has a mere 28 years. We We have been developing a new approach to how man and women together can build an inclusive culture as a new element of the local innovation ecosystem.

Mission: to grow women participation in the innovation decision making by developing CEE specific best practices and translating existing ones to engage, train and professionally connect women and men to become business angels and entrepreneurs in the digital era

Special model: We work with a growing and open coalition of women business networks and co-working offices to build a network of the networks in the region. Hu/CEE business executives contribute to the design & execution of the model to secure a higher impact. The coalition of 13 organisations (as of April 2018) is open to other constructive members of the innovation ecosystem.

Activities: we introduce successful female and male business leaders as role models  The Association improves public understanding of angels investment, builds trust and runs professional, interactive events, training programmes and build international public business diplomacy connections.

Credential from October 2017

„I hope the Hungarian Women/Business/Angels initiative which connects four co-working offices and several female business networks as partners for impact, will develop into an innovative model that can be translated to the entire CEE region and even to the whole of Europe. I am happy to support and help to develop this model.“

Candace Johnson President of the Association of European Business Angels  (EBAN)

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