First Business Angel Training Course and WBA Angels Club Organized by the Women/Business/Angels Association and its partners was a success on 2 March 2021.

Budapest, 2 March 2021 -The Women/Business/Angels Association (WBA) was excited to announce its first international Business Angel Training Course and the launch of WBA Angels Club, focused on Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). This biweekly hands-on course, loaded with practical cutting-edge content runs between 2 March and end of June. Through our program – organized with HUNBAN as a professional partner-, CEE executives can learn about angel investing, grow their network, and try out their newly-acquired skills of angel investment in a non-threatening environment. The programs both feature a line-up of some of the most prominent angel investors and offer networking opportunities with promising startups in the region.

The speakers are experienced global angel investment community members. The list includes Gary Whitehill, Eric Bovee, Dr. Christina Theodoraki, Martin Olczyk, Barnabás Málnay, Ádám Somlai Fisher, Attila Petheő and many others. The trainers of the course are Imre Hild, the ED of Global Traction and Gergely Németh the owner of Cova.

In the past 10 years, we have witnessed a growing need for angel capital in the CEE startup scene. Yet the angel investor community has not been growing as fast as the startup ecosystem requires. There is a shortage of information and best practices. And, let’s face it, investing in emerging companies can be quite nerve-wracking at first. While diving in and making angel investments is one way to learn, this can be time-consuming and costly given the high risk nature of this type of investing. To spare you from early failures, we are offering a course tailored to the needs of CEE-based professionals.

The monthly topics covered from March:

  1. The ecosystem
  2. The startup lifecycle
  3. The investment process
  4. What makes a company valuable?
  5. Me, as an investor: the roles and responsibilities of an angel investor.

“30 years after the change to market economy CEE business executives have something valuable to offer to the early stage startups. They can become mentors and later can provide early stage funding. Gender diversity will also bring a plus.” – said Imre Hild, a member of Women/Business/Angels Association’s Executive Board.

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You can read about the highlights of the first event here


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