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The Women/Business/Angels Association is excited to announce our first international Business Angel Training Course and the launch of our WBA Angels Club focused on Central and Eastern Europe (CEE). These programs both feature a line-up of some of the most prominent angel investors and offer networking opportunities with some of the most promising startups in the region.

In the past 10 years, we have witnessed a growing need for angel capital in the CEE startup scene. Yet the angel investor community has not been growing as fast as the startup ecosystem requires. There is a shortage of information and best practices. And, let’s face it, investing in emerging companies can be quite nerve-wracking at first. While diving in and making angel investments is one way to learn, this can be time-consuming and costly given the high risk nature of this type of investing. To spare you from early failures, we are offering a course tailored to the needs of CEE-based professionals.


This new program focuses on how individuals can leverage their existing business knowledge to participate in the startup ecosystem as angel investors.
Some of the objectives of our course include the following:

  • spotting runaway successes and avoiding common pitfalls early on
  • adding value as an angel investor and working most optimally with startups
  • common investment structures and angel roles throughout the lifecycle of a startup
  • drivers of startup valuation and investment options for you as an angel investor
  • key terms in typical angel investments and strategies behind them
  • common trends in the industry and how to take advantage of this ever-changing landscape

This is a hands-on course, loaded with practical cutting-edge content. Through our program, Central and Eastern European executives can learn about angel investing, grow their network, and try out their newly-acquired skills in angel investment in a safer environment.

Our speakers are experienced global angel investment community members. The list includes Gary Whitehill, Erik Bovee, Christopher ‘Che’ Mott, Ádám Somlai Fisher, Dr. Attila Petheő and many others (TBC). The trainers of the course will be Imre Hild and Gergely Németh.

See the detailed agenda of the Spring 2021 Business Angels Training Course and WBA Angels Club programming. Click here

Our first-ever 10-event course has launched on March 2 and will run through the end of June. Sessions will start at 6pm CET on each session day. The course will be conducted in English.

  • 2021. 03. 02. The ecosystem. See the highlights of the event here.
  • 2021. 03. 16. WBA Club. See the highlights of the event here.
  • 2021. 03. 30. The startup lifecycle. See the highlights of the event here.
  • 2021. 04. 13. WBA Club. See the highlights of the event here.
  • 2021. 04. 27. The investment process. See the highlights of the event here.
  • 2021. 05. 11. WBA Club See the highlights of the event here.
  • 2021. 05. 25. What makes a company valuable? See the highlights of the event here.
  • 2021. 06. 08. WBA Club. See the highlights of the event here.
  • 2021. 06. 29.WBA Training & Club – Me, as an investor. See the highlights of the event here.

At present, events will take place online. We hope to host personal, offline events as well if it becomes safe to do so.

The course is brought to you by Women/Business/Angels in partnership with HUNBAN.

Options for participating:

  1. By joining the WBA Association for a yearly 50.000 HUF membership fee, you can participate in all 10 events, including:
    • the Spring 2021 Business Angel Training Course, where you will learn about international best practices, local challenges, and the specialties of CEE; and
    • the WBA Angels Club events, where startup leaders will also be present, allowing you to grow your network in the innovation ecosystem.
  2. You can attend only the 5 events that form part of the Spring 2021 Business Angel Training Course, free of charge. However, you will not be able to attend WBA Angel Club events.

Learn more about the additional advantages, conditions, and process of joining the WBA Association.

Join our spring 2021 programming by registering your interest in the form below.
Please bear in mind that business angel investment and startups are high risk activities.

Read more about the highlights of our closing event here!

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